Is there net neutrality regulation?

Yes. ‘Art 9 Law 12.965/2014 (Marco Civil da Internet)

Art 9 and 10 Decree 8.711/2016

Has any national regulator issued any regulation regarding zero rating?

Yes. Brazilian Competition Authority (CADE), NOTA TÉCNICA Nº 34/2017/CGAA4/SGA1/SG/CADE,,

Is zero rating permitted by the national regulation or tolerated by the national regulator?


Name of the operators implementing zero rating offerings:

 Vivo (Telefônica); Tim; Oi; Claro

Are the operators zero-rating specific services (e.g. only Whatsapp) or classes of services (e.g. all instant messaging apps)?

Specific apps are zero-rated.

In case only specific services are zero rated, what are the zero rated services?

Vivo —

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, NBA, Kantoo, GoRead iFood, Mercado Livre, Natura, Netshoes, Privalia;

Tim —

Whatsapp, Facebook, Netflix, Looke, Esporte interativo, TIM Music by Deezer, TIM Banca Virtual, TIM Protect Backup;

Oi —

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Claro Video, Claro Musica;

Claro —

Facebook, Twitter, Oi Bancas, Oi Livros Narrados, Oi Videos Curtas.

Is the zero-rated service throttled or blocked after the data volume is exceed?


Is the user signing up for free (e.g. zero rated services are bundled with specific offerings) or is the zero rating offering?

Apps are bundled.

Is the Content of Application  Provider paying to be zero-rated?

Not available.

Is the zero rating offering time-limited?


Internet penetration level:

In Oct/2019, 70.7%

Is there data protection regulation in the country?

Yes. General Data Privacy Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais or “LGPD”) – Law No. 13,709 , of August 14, 2018:

PS: Law will come into effect on February 15, 2020.

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